Hamilton County, Indiana

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1. report type

This program allows you to view and print certain public records. Each report reflects information as of a specific date; so the information provided by different reports may not match. All information has been derived from public records that are constantly undergoing change and is not warranted for content or accuracy. It may not reflect the current information pertaining to the property of interest.

REGRETTABLY, the AOL browser is not compatible with this service.
If you are using AOL and experience problems; please try opening a different browser (such as Internet Explorer) from your desktop or your Programs menu. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The Report Type determines which database you are searching.
This setting is important because some reports will not exist for certain parcel numbers. You may return to this page to reset it to a different value. If you have problems locating a report, switch to that Report Type and search by Property Address.

Parcel Information: This report contains the most current property information available on this website. It includes current owner and address; property address; surveyor's section, township and range; political township; etc.

Spring Tax Statements or Fall Tax Statements: The 2015 Pay 2016 Statements for Spring and Fall is currently available online! Bills for personal property, drain assessments, real estate and mobile homes are available. Reconstruction assessments are NOT available through this program. These statements can be used when submitting tax payments; but may not be as accurate as the Tax Payments Reports (see below) Go to the Treasurer's web page for information on making payments.

Special Assessments: The 2015 Pay 2016 Special Assessments are currently available online! This accounting includes maintenance drain assessments, delinquent sewage liens, and weed liens. It does not include drainage reconstruction assessments which are billed separately ( and are not currently available online). These reports can be used when submitting payments. Go to the Treasurer's web page for information on making payments.

Tax Payments / Tax History: PAY ONLINE. This report provides a summary of taxes charged, amounts due, and a list of all related payments. These reports can be used when submitting payments. Go to the Treasurer's web page for additional information on making payments.

Property Card: This report contains property assessment information extracted on the most recent taxable year - March 1, 2016. Improvement characteristics may differ from those used to determine the total assessed value listed.